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Modern Bedroom Designs: Strategic Planning

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If you are designing your bedroom with the intentions of having a modern style, there are a few things you should consider. While the project may take a lot of time and can quite possibly be somewhat expensive, knowing what you want before you go is the key to a successful shopping experience as well as a stress-less design period.

Here are a few things to think about when creating the perfect space:

* Color palate: Main colors and accent colors
* Room size
* Materials
* Budget

Color Palate: Main colors

The color palate is the biggest decision to make when looking at modern bedroom designs. The most common palate choice is currently white and black with a red accent color, and the second one is a tie with cream and brown as the main colors with accents of either yellow or green. The easiest way to determine the best of the main color choices for your space is to measure the height of the ceilings. A basic rule of thumb is if the ceilings are taller than 8 feet, stay away from white walls. The room is already large, don't make it overwhelming with a stark wall color unless you have windows on every wall in which case you can break up the white with curtains.

Color Palate: Accent Colors
While red, green and yellow are the most common accent colors, it is very possible to incorporate other colors as the accents in your room. By finding material for either the bed linens, curtains, throw pillows or all three that incorporates all the colors you've chosen it is very possible to bring blues, purples, oranges and other colors into the bedroom successfully. The best thing to remember is that shades of a color don't always match well. Just because your wall art has a shade of pink in it doesn't mean that a different shade of pink matches. Do your very best to put all the accent color pieces together as much as possible before purchasing, especially if the items are not returnable.

Room Size:
Make sure you take accurate wall, floor and window measurements. You should know the following:

1. The height, width and height from the floor of the windows
2. How tall and wide are the walls
3. How big is the floor space
4. Clearance between the floor and any doors (including closet doors)

If you know these four things when you are shopping it will make implementing your modern bedroom design much simpler. Don't get caught with too much or too little of something because you estimated.

You should always have a realistic budget. Saying you want to decorate the room for $1,000 and actually being able to do it are two completely different things. Make sure you do research on prices in your area before you settle on how much to spend. It is better to leave the room alone and save up for the things you really want then run out of money halfway through the project.

Decorating is a simple concept but a difficult task. Make sure you have done the research on what is available in your area, prices, and ease of instillation or use before making any significant purchases. Happy decorating!

Modern Bedroom Decor Purchasing Advice

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Decorating your bedroom is a stressful event. We spend a great deal of time in our bedrooms, sleeping, resting, reading, getting ready for the day and many other purposes. After you have chosen your color scheme it is time to purchase the pieces that bring everything together, usually this includes the following:

*Wall art
*Some furniture and
*Carpets or rugs

Below is some advice about finding the perfect decor for your modern bedroom.

Bedrooms are made for sleeping and the bed tends to be the dominant item within the room. Your bedding should fit the style of room as well as be durable and color coordinated. A comforter covered in old-fashioned tea rose patterns does not go with industrial furniture and glass sculptures. While big name companies market their bed linens well, they are typically made of inferior materials. Check the label for washing directions and materials before purchasing.

Window coverings are also a huge way to bring together the design and color scheme of your room. Curtains should fit with the theme provided by the bedding, but in modern bedroom decor curtains should not be made of the exact same material and pattern as your comforter. Especially when using your window coverings as a design piece make sure what you hang your curtains is either completely hidden or that it matches the hardware found on your furniture.

Wall Art
What you put on the walls is not nearly as important as what you don't put on your walls in modern bedroom decor. Picture frames are rarely seen in modern bedrooms anymore; instead they have been replaced with digitally rendered canvasses. If you buy a piece of hand done work, make sure the artist knows you intend to hang it unframed so they will paint the sides. A couple of pieces of color and style themed wall art rarely causes an issue but make sure you know how big you can go without dominating the room before you fall in love with the six foot by eight foot canvas a la Jackson Pollock.

Shelf Items
It is uncommon to see actual shelves in a modern bedroom, but things you sit on top of the furniture or in the book case are still often referred to as shelf items. In the decor of a modern bedroom there should be very few "knick-knacks" but a ratio of 1 shelf item per 2 pieces of furniture is generally acceptable.

Modern bedroom furniture should be chose based on the principles of S.S.F.C.
S-Sleek: The less ornamented and detailed the better; think Shakers
S-Stylish: This is found in the hardware such as drawer pulls and knobs
F-Functional: If it doesn't have a purpose other than sitting there it is unnecessary
C-Color: The color of the wood or paint should fit the color schemes of the room

Carpet in the bedroom has given away to wood flooring. Rugs are simpler as they can be rolled up and taken to be cleaned or washed without having to pay a carpet cleaner to come to your house. Geometric patterns or tonal solid rugs are the most common choices in modern bedroom decor.

Once you have your theme and color palate , the rest of the piece tend to fall into place. Take your time and do it right because who wants to go to bed every night underneath a stuffed moose head? Good luck on your search!

How to choose the best modern bedroom furniture sets

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Modern bedroom furniture sets is typically one of the key pieces to redesigning your room. While it is very possible to work around existing furniture, it makes it difficult to give your room and updated feel with outdated furniture styles. There are several keys to picking out the right modern bedroom furniture sets and while they sound simple are sometimes difficult to achieve.

1. The Hardware
When talking about bedroom furniture, the hardware refers to handles, knobs, and any extra pieces used on the furniture. In modern bedroom furniture, it is most common to see hardware that is some kind or metal or made to appear to be metal. The typical metals are sterling silver, brushed nickel, wrought iron, or pewter. It is also becoming trendy to have glass drawer pulls but you almost never see wooden or gold knobs in modern bedroom furniture sets.

If you are trying to reuse pieces you already have, a new coat of paint helps but the best investment is in new hardware. However, before you go shopping, remove an existing piece and measure the hole or holes that already exist. There are many different styles of hardware and they are all attached in a different way. The number of holes varies as does the distance between holes. Don't fall in love with a specific set of hardware then find out that it won't fit the furniture. Measure the depth of the wood, the width between screws and take all of one piece of the original hardware with you for hole size and screw length comparisons.

2. Color
Depending on your bedroom, the color choice of your furniture is a big issue. You can buy furniture in just about every color in the rainbow but you have to be careful. If you have wooden floors, do not purchase furniture that is blond oak if your floors are white pine. Try to at least stay in the same tree family so the grains will look cohesive. You can also buy furniture in your accent color, say you want furniture that has been painted red. If you buy red furniture, you should buy neutral colored curtains and bedding. Too much of a good thing is a very bad thing in interior design.

3. Size
Measure your room and know how much floor space you have before you buy. If you're buying several pieces then take a pad of graph paper and see how the pieces will fit in a scale model of your room. Make sure you have at least 2, but preferably 3, feet of space to walk around the sides of the bed not touching a wall.

Take your time, buying new bedroom furniture is a huge task. Make sure you are truly prepared, do some window shopping, go in armed with measurements, and check out discount websites for equivalent pieces. There is a perfect modern bedroom furniture set out there for every bedroom design. Happy shopping!

The Top Five Modern Bedroom Paint Ideas to Freshen Up Your Space

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Your bedroom is one of the most personal rooms in your home and it should be a place where you feel comfortable. Modern design is a wonderful way to give the room a fresh and appealing look that can cause feelings of inspiration. When you want to update your bedroom, the following five modern bedroom paint ideas can create a dramatic change in style.

1. Paint a Bold Accent Wall for a Statement
One of the best modern bedroom paint ideas is to paint a single wall in the room a bright, bold color. This accent wall can add extraordinary color to the space. It can also create the illusion of a larger room.

2. Use Unusual Colors to Draw Attention
Though traditional bedroom paint colors fall in the neutral shades, modern colors can add more personality to a room. When you're looking for modern bedroom paint ideas, consider combining unusual colors such as the secondary or tertiary colors from the color wheel in order to create an updated style.

3. Playful Patterns Offer Spice to Simple Decor
Undoubtedly, one of the most fun modern bedroom paint ideas is to paint patterns on the wall. This often works well when used on an accent wall, as all four walls may be too much. Many people choose a popular design of bold circles in varying sizes on the wall. You can also create a striped pattern easily that truly adds character to the room. Patterns work best in rooms with simple furniture or minimalist decor.

4. Create a Canvas
For a truly creative idea that will also allow you to express your own personality, turn one of your walls into a canvas. You may choose to paint a mural, favorite poem, or other art on the wall during your initial painting session, or you could have the wall be an ongoing place of expression.

5. Highlight Paint Colors with Eclectic Decor
Another interesting way to modernize the look of your bedroom is to create a decorative scheme with unique pieces, centered around the colors of your newly painted walls. This is particularly effective if you used unusual colors or bright patterns on your walls already. By combining an eclectic mix of decorative items with the modern paint of fresh designs, you can create a truly individualized updated look.

The most important of all modern bedroom paint ideas is to incorporate your personality into the design of your room. Your bedroom walls and decor should reflect your individual style, with new paint being a fantastic opportunity to express yourself in a new way. Modern painting is just one way to give your room a fresh look and a new wave of inspiration.

Modern Living Rooms Ideas for Your Home

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First impressions are important and are typically generated by a person in a matter of seconds. Because the living room is often one of the first rooms in a home into which guests enter, it is imperative that the living room make a stellar impression.

The ambiance created by the furniture, accents, colors, and use of space in a living room will either makes guests feel warm, invited, and cozy or completely uncomfortable. There are many designs from which to choose, but modern living rooms currently appear to be one of the most popular trends. Modern living rooms can be exceptionally beautiful, but if poorly arranged can create a sterile environment. The following modern living room ideas can help homeowners ensure their modern living room conveys their style, taste, and unique imaginative flair.

Elements Used to Create a Modern Living Room

There are three basic elements that encompass modern living room ideas that homeowners will want to place in their repertoire. To create a modern living room, homeowners need to focus on accentuating the room, adding character, and showing dimension. There are several ways in which the may be accomplished.

* Remove and replace – replace bulky couch pillows with one or two smaller pillows that have the same color tone. Remove items from the room that create a cluttered feeling, such as magazines, pictures, or other decorative items. These items can be replaced with one exquisite accent piece.

* Refresh the room – use lighting to highlight particular areas of the room. Floor lamps, candles, or other types of fluorescent lighting may be utilized. New fabrics, colors, and styles can be brought into the room by recovering existing furniture.

* Choose elegant, sleek colors – colors such as white, black, and silver are perfect for modern living rooms.

* Use accessories – modern living rooms often have bold décor; therefore, homeowners should not be afraid to accessorize. Modern décor includes things such as abstracts, metal wall sculptures, and accent lamps. Geometric designs are generally incorporated in modern living rooms ideas.

A Modern Living Room Can Take Many Shapes

Whether a homeowner prefers clean, sleek lines or a more progressive, futuristic feel, modern living rooms can offer a number of various styles. However, homeowners will want to carefully choose the look they desire to create, and make certain that all aspects of the room are unified. For modern living room ideas, homeowners should keep the design simple but bold and ensure utility. By doing so, homeowners can take their living room from the mundane to the spectacular.

Modern Guest Bedroom Decorating Tips

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While a guest bedroom may be in a spare room, there should be nothing sparing about its decoration. Modern guest bedrooms should be fully functional and appealing, fitting both with the day to day household needs as well as the occasional demands of visitors. When approaching modern guest bedroom decorating, there are a few key features to keep in mind.


Every room should have a purpose. When it comes to guest bedrooms, defining that purpose is sometimes easier said than done. Before starting modern guest bedroom decorating, first consider how the room will be used.

1. Dedicated space. Some homeowners are fortunate enough to have a space specifically for guest use. These rooms can be set up exclusively as a bedroom, making it easy to choose furniture to fill the space.

2. Shared space. Many guest bedrooms have dual functionality, serving as a bedroom in addition to something else, such as a home office. This means that all decorating should to take into account the needs of both uses.


Choosing a style will make a room more inviting and focus decorating tactics. Styles can vary, from traditional to trendy, and when selecting one for a guest bedroom, there are some relevant factors.

1. Consistency. Modern guest bedroom decorating should reflect the style throughout the house. Good design has consistency from room to room, in order to create a more cohesive feel.

2. Comfort. While appearance is important, it should never be achieved at the cost of comfort. If the furniture and accessories are not comfortable to use then guests will not enjoy their stay.


Even the most ambitious modern guest bedroom decorating needs to be dictated by the budget. Before starting, set a strict budget and stick to it. Depending on how much money there is to spend, there are several ways to save.

1. Reuse. The best way to save money is to not spend any. Many homeowners can go shopping in their own attics or basements to find the pieces they need to fill their guest bedroom. Other items can be repurposed from other rooms, minimizing the amount of furniture and decor that needs to be purchased.

2. Finding sales. When new pieces are needed, there is no reason to pay full price. Many stores have clearance sections. These sections have items that are either damaged or discontinued, which means they cost a fraction of the price and often look and function as well as pieces on the main floor.

3. Consignment. Other shoppers may find what they need at consignment stores. These stores will carry a wide range of furniture, often at bargain prices. Though the selection may be hit or miss, shopping at consignments stores can be a great way to complete modern guest bedroom decorating without breaking the budget.


With a little focus and thought, it is easy to complete any modern guest bedroom decorating. Just remember the purpose, style, and budget, and the space will transform from a spare room into a comfortable getaway.

Modern Bedroom Furniture Combines Style and Durability

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Today's modern bedroom furniture is a blend of style and functionality. Beauty, durability, and selection combine to create unique, individual looks that appeal to every taste and fit any decor.

Why Modern Bedroom Furniture?

Modern furniture is known for its sleek styling, lighter material construction, and smooth surfaces. In addition to an innovative look, modern bedroom furniture provides ample storage space without a bulky appearance. Matching sets are another defining characteristic of modern furniture. Matching chests, tables, night stands, and bed form a complete look that enhances the style of any bedroom.

Historically, furniture was made out of wood. The beauty of wood is indisputable, but wood is heavy and can be easily damaged. Modern furniture designers use innovative methods to design furniture that is more durable, weighs less, but is still stylish and attractive. Materials such as plastic, molded plywood, glass, steel, and PVC pipe are popular modern furniture construction materials. These materials are easier to clean and more difficult to damage than wood.

Choosing Bedroom Furniture

Before purchasing a bedroom set, consider the following:

1. Measure the bedroom. Buying too large or too much furniture can overly crowd a bedroom and make it difficult to move around.

2. Decide how much you are willing to spend. Most modern bedroom furniture sets do not include items like a mattress. Remember to account for those types of additional costs when you start shopping.

3. Inspect the construction of the pieces you are thinking about purchasing. Do they seem well put-together? Do the drawers open and close smoothly?

4. If your budget is tight, consider buying one piece at a time. Higher quality furniture costs more but lasts longer, so keep that in mind as you purchase pieces.

5. Shop around. While it's true that higher quality furniture costs more, it is possible to get the same pieces at different stores for lower prices. Check sales, ask if there are customer discounts or specials, and take your time. You will be living with your purchase for a long time so don't hurry.

6. Accessorize. Modern interior design schemes rely on accessories such as vases and decorative pillows to complete the look.

Expect to spend as little as $1000 for a basic set to several thousand for a high quality complete modern bedroom furniture set.

Modern furniture evokes a sophisticated, contemporary styling that is as enduring as it is beautiful.

Modern Bedroom Accessories Weave Together Flair and Subtly

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The leeway inherent to modern bedroom accessories gifts the user of the space license to incorporate a cornucopia of themes, colors, material and textures.


Few people automatically place floors on the list of modern bedroom accessories, but it well deserves to be. What flooring is used—and how it's used–has tremendous impact on how well the rest of the room comes together.

Following the open, airy feel of modern decorating themes, dark carpet or dark flooring is counterproductive. Bright and bold are the by-words of modern decorating accessories, so instead of replacing dark or worn carpet, consider a bare floor.

If hardwood flooring is cost-prohibitive, consider laminate or rubber flooring. Both are economical and come in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs—many of which tie beautifully into modern accessories schemes. If replacing the flooring isn't within the budget, paint it or buff and wax it to a high shine instead.

Accent or area rugs lend warm and sound buffering to bare floors, and using them as modern bedroom accessories gives double-duty to a decorating dollar. Geometric designs, primary earth tones, or fully contrasting black and white rugs and runners give depth and dimension on each axis.


Light colored walls and ceilings expand a room's dimensions outward. Further that idea with light colored curtains or drapes; blinds can be either horizontal or vertical, depending on the window's placement and the room's dimensions.

Artwork as modern bedroom accessories is a grand idea. Pastel colors, however, should be reserved for another decorating theme. Black and white photographs, whether of landscapes, still life, animals or people fits modern decorating to a T.

If one large piece is beyond the budget, try grouping several smaller ones together, so long as they are joined in one way or another—all black and white or landscapes or people, etc. Mixing small oil paintings with a dramatic photograph won't work well.


Include in your list of modern bedroom accessories sufficient items to adorn most surfaces—night stands, dressers, recessed headboards, but don't crowd them at all. Space is key, and a spacious surface is complement by a lamp or a vase or a memento—not overpowered by it.

Chrome or metal—so long as it's not antique—and clear or boldly tinted opaque accents work well, too.

Avoid intensive scroll work whether in metals or woods. Simple lines dominate this decorating them, and the accessories should follow that rule.


Use splashes of color in pillows, flowers, or even clocks to draw the eye and highlight the coordination between main furniture, walls and accessories. Subtle in line, but bold in approach defines the modern look and modern bedroom accessories.

Interior Design Bedroom Ideas for Comfort and Style

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It is estimated that we spend 35% or more of our days in our bedrooms. With this amount of time in mind, you want your bedroom to be comfortable and visually appealing. There are so many interior design bedroom ideas floating about on the internet these days, but here are the top 5.

1. Modern Bedroom Furniture

Sadly, the modern bedroom design aesthetics has moved from beautifully carved and bulky wooden bedroom suits, to streamlined functional eco-friendly items. It is rare these days to see a modern bedroom with a four poster bed, dresser, chest of drawers, and a night stand cluttering up the perimeter of the room. With the explosion of stores like Ikea, it is much more common to see a bedroom with a storage bed (platform bed with drawers underneath) and a small dresser or night stand. These items are also typically made out of reclaimed, recycled/recyclable, or other eco-friendly materials.

2. Modern Style

Bedroom styles shift regularly as time passes, just like fashion, but rather than becoming more daring and ostentatious current interior design ideas for bedrooms are fairly understated. Picking a color scheme is the beginning (most often black and white or cream and brown) step and usually the hardest. Two neutral colors and sometimes an accent color thrown in to account for taste adorn a modern style bedroom. The color palate should be reflected in the bed linens, furniture, wall coverings, as well as the wall color itself. By tastefully and carefully placing your colors, the bedroom can be made to look pristine, interesting, and professionally designed.

3. Window treatments

When it comes to windows, the modern bedroom is known for it's less is more styling. Most often you will see windows covered with sheer panels or muted curtains on a wrought iron rod. Sometimes you will see a bolder curtain in place of wall art, but rarely do you see significant wall art in a room with a dark or well patterned curtain.

4. Cost

In the current economic recession, it seems nearly unbelievable that people are finding the money to redecorate their bedrooms. However, decorating doesn't have to break the bank. Bargain shopping is the key. Websites like Overstock are excellent for finding great deals on great items such as bedding and curtains for your swanky new sleeping quarters. If you like thrift shopping, it is often a very simple matter to find art pieces that were donated that would be easily reclaimed with a little old-fashioned elbow grease. Get creative! Buy a canvas and create some personal art in the style of Jackson Pollock to decorate your new walls.

5. Finishing Touches

Artificial flower arrangements: No
More than one picture frame on each piece of furniture: No
Several personal items out on the dresser: NO

Less is more! Keep it clean, simple and as crisp as possible with as few extra pieces as possible. Your design should be in the bed linens, wall art, curtains and furniture themselves as much as manageable.

These 5 interior design bedroom ideas are simple. Taking the time to walk through some interior goods stores before settling on a design idea is a great way to figure out not only what you like, but what is available locally. Happy Designing!

Contemporary Bedroom Designs Hold Distinctive Traits

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One's bedroom is by far the most personal and personality-oriented room in a home. Deciding what décor suits best can be a tough process, but for those choosing contemporary bedroom designs, a plethora of motifs await.

What is Contemporary Interior Design?

Also called modern or modernistic, contemporary interior design takes advantage of high ceilings, large windows, and airy spaces. Usually, the space is adorned with glass, chrome, and metallic accents, and mirrors can open a space that seems small or tight. Contemporary bedroom designs follow the same concepts.

Furniture with wool, linen, or jute give textured appeal that can lend warmth to what otherwise might appear cold and unbending, if dark leather is beyond the budget. Black, white, or bold primary colors adorn beds and pillows.

Floors are generally hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl, although rubber flooring can help dampen echos. Area rugs coordinated in color, shape, and size can both lessen the starkness of some rooms and reduce sound, as well.

Artwork often used in contemporary bedroom designs depends solely on personal tastes, but steer away from contradictory themes and color schemes if possible. If one larger work doesn't suit, try several smaller ones grouped together instead. Try glass vases and bookends. Use chrome lamps and fixtures.

Contemporary Bedroom Designs

Remember that one of the ruling precepts of contemporary designs is that less is more. Frilly ruffles, floral prints, and scrolled woodwork are counterproductive to this interior design. Bedrooms in a contemporary style strive for function first, then remember style and flair.

Blacks, whites, and metals are common color schemes in contemporary bedrooms. Use fans, bed linen, accents, and artwork to break up the polar appearance. Common contemporary schemes often use bold colors to create splashes of daring to both enhance and soften contemporary décor.

Always keep in mind that contemporary means modern. Never borrow from country or traditional furniture or art in any mode in contemporary interior designs. Carefully pack away those quilts your grandmother made; respect them, but don't use them.


Elegance, old world charm or traditional looks are great. However, to set yourself truly apart from the herd, contemporary interior designs may fit your desired look, your personality and your outlook. If it's the look you want, remember that contemporary bedroom designs are not for the pastel-hearted. Be brash. Be bold. Be yourself.

Bedroom Design Ideas for a Modern Motif for Any Age

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Interior design and decorating aren't everyone's cup of tea, but almost everyone at one point or another has had to decorate new living spaces. Making the most of the space, light, and lay-out available can be relatively simple with some easily followed modern bedroom design ideas.

Evaluate Space and Light

Interior decorating trends for 2011 encompass natural light and open spaces. If a bedroom is small and dark, consider light paint for the walls with a contrasting and complimenting trim color.

Blinds or light curtains help open a space quite a bit, as does non-carpeted floors. Hardwood is enjoying a continued popularity, but laminate flooring, rubber flooring and tile are catching up quickly. Using any of these options can definitely modernize the look when considering bedroom design ideas.

Find the spots in the room that are naturally dark. Brighten those areas with chrome table lamps or standing halogen lamps with adjustable brightness levels.

Modern bedroom design ideas often incorporate accents in primary colors to break up lines and patterns that might seem monotonous. Glass figurines, bookends and knickknacks lend a modern air in decorating a bedroom.

Children's Rooms

When tossing bedroom design ideas hither and yon for the children's spaces, tailor the approach toward the current age of the child. Modern motifs are easily adapted as children age, so future adaptations aren't of primary concern.

Rubber flooring and area rugs bring play comfort and durability and still allow a modern look to a bedroom.

Bed frames that are brightly colored metal and matched with bold lamps and toy chests work very well in modern bedroom design ideas for kids' rooms. Even wood bed frames and furniture work well if desired over metal for safety reasons. Red bunk beds using a bright, yellow ladder, for example, give a cheerful look as well as good visibility in the dark.

Substituting glass figurines for opaque ones of a colored plastic can grant durability, safety, and eye-catching contrast. Silver light switch plates and outlet colors can borrow a modernistic feel if desired.


With adaptation, any set of decorating ideas can incorporate modernistic approaches to décor, whether the bedroom is for adults, children or guests. Keeping or making an area light and area is step one. Step two is bright and bold. Step three is to simply enjoy remarkable fruition of modern bedroom design ideas into terrific bedrooms for any age.

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