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Modern Bedroom Designs: Strategic Planning

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If you are designing your bedroom with the intentions of having a modern style, there are a few things you should consider. While the project may take a lot of time and can quite possibly be somewhat expensive, knowing what you want before you go is the key to a successful shopping experience as well as a stress-less design period.

Here are a few things to think about when creating the perfect space:

* Color palate: Main colors and accent colors
* Room size
* Materials
* Budget

Color Palate: Main colors

The color palate is the biggest decision to make when looking at modern bedroom designs. The most common palate choice is currently white and black with a red accent color, and the second one is a tie with cream and brown as the main colors with accents of either yellow or green. The easiest way to determine the best of the main color choices for your space is to measure the height of the ceilings. A basic rule of thumb is if the ceilings are taller than 8 feet, stay away from white walls. The room is already large, don't make it overwhelming with a stark wall color unless you have windows on every wall in which case you can break up the white with curtains.

Color Palate: Accent Colors
While red, green and yellow are the most common accent colors, it is very possible to incorporate other colors as the accents in your room. By finding material for either the bed linens, curtains, throw pillows or all three that incorporates all the colors you've chosen it is very possible to bring blues, purples, oranges and other colors into the bedroom successfully. The best thing to remember is that shades of a color don't always match well. Just because your wall art has a shade of pink in it doesn't mean that a different shade of pink matches. Do your very best to put all the accent color pieces together as much as possible before purchasing, especially if the items are not returnable.

Room Size:
Make sure you take accurate wall, floor and window measurements. You should know the following:

1. The height, width and height from the floor of the windows
2. How tall and wide are the walls
3. How big is the floor space
4. Clearance between the floor and any doors (including closet doors)

If you know these four things when you are shopping it will make implementing your modern bedroom design much simpler. Don't get caught with too much or too little of something because you estimated.

You should always have a realistic budget. Saying you want to decorate the room for $1,000 and actually being able to do it are two completely different things. Make sure you do research on prices in your area before you settle on how much to spend. It is better to leave the room alone and save up for the things you really want then run out of money halfway through the project.

Decorating is a simple concept but a difficult task. Make sure you have done the research on what is available in your area, prices, and ease of instillation or use before making any significant purchases. Happy decorating!


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