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Modern Guest Bedroom Decorating Tips

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While a guest bedroom may be in a spare room, there should be nothing sparing about its decoration. Modern guest bedrooms should be fully functional and appealing, fitting both with the day to day household needs as well as the occasional demands of visitors. When approaching modern guest bedroom decorating, there are a few key features to keep in mind.


Every room should have a purpose. When it comes to guest bedrooms, defining that purpose is sometimes easier said than done. Before starting modern guest bedroom decorating, first consider how the room will be used.

1. Dedicated space. Some homeowners are fortunate enough to have a space specifically for guest use. These rooms can be set up exclusively as a bedroom, making it easy to choose furniture to fill the space.

2. Shared space. Many guest bedrooms have dual functionality, serving as a bedroom in addition to something else, such as a home office. This means that all decorating should to take into account the needs of both uses.


Choosing a style will make a room more inviting and focus decorating tactics. Styles can vary, from traditional to trendy, and when selecting one for a guest bedroom, there are some relevant factors.

1. Consistency. Modern guest bedroom decorating should reflect the style throughout the house. Good design has consistency from room to room, in order to create a more cohesive feel.

2. Comfort. While appearance is important, it should never be achieved at the cost of comfort. If the furniture and accessories are not comfortable to use then guests will not enjoy their stay.


Even the most ambitious modern guest bedroom decorating needs to be dictated by the budget. Before starting, set a strict budget and stick to it. Depending on how much money there is to spend, there are several ways to save.

1. Reuse. The best way to save money is to not spend any. Many homeowners can go shopping in their own attics or basements to find the pieces they need to fill their guest bedroom. Other items can be repurposed from other rooms, minimizing the amount of furniture and decor that needs to be purchased.

2. Finding sales. When new pieces are needed, there is no reason to pay full price. Many stores have clearance sections. These sections have items that are either damaged or discontinued, which means they cost a fraction of the price and often look and function as well as pieces on the main floor.

3. Consignment. Other shoppers may find what they need at consignment stores. These stores will carry a wide range of furniture, often at bargain prices. Though the selection may be hit or miss, shopping at consignments stores can be a great way to complete modern guest bedroom decorating without breaking the budget.


With a little focus and thought, it is easy to complete any modern guest bedroom decorating. Just remember the purpose, style, and budget, and the space will transform from a spare room into a comfortable getaway.


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