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Modern Bedroom Decor Purchasing Advice

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Decorating your bedroom is a stressful event. We spend a great deal of time in our bedrooms, sleeping, resting, reading, getting ready for the day and many other purposes. After you have chosen your color scheme it is time to purchase the pieces that bring everything together, usually this includes the following:

*Wall art
*Some furniture and
*Carpets or rugs

Below is some advice about finding the perfect decor for your modern bedroom.

Bedrooms are made for sleeping and the bed tends to be the dominant item within the room. Your bedding should fit the style of room as well as be durable and color coordinated. A comforter covered in old-fashioned tea rose patterns does not go with industrial furniture and glass sculptures. While big name companies market their bed linens well, they are typically made of inferior materials. Check the label for washing directions and materials before purchasing.

Window coverings are also a huge way to bring together the design and color scheme of your room. Curtains should fit with the theme provided by the bedding, but in modern bedroom decor curtains should not be made of the exact same material and pattern as your comforter. Especially when using your window coverings as a design piece make sure what you hang your curtains is either completely hidden or that it matches the hardware found on your furniture.

Wall Art
What you put on the walls is not nearly as important as what you don't put on your walls in modern bedroom decor. Picture frames are rarely seen in modern bedrooms anymore; instead they have been replaced with digitally rendered canvasses. If you buy a piece of hand done work, make sure the artist knows you intend to hang it unframed so they will paint the sides. A couple of pieces of color and style themed wall art rarely causes an issue but make sure you know how big you can go without dominating the room before you fall in love with the six foot by eight foot canvas a la Jackson Pollock.

Shelf Items
It is uncommon to see actual shelves in a modern bedroom, but things you sit on top of the furniture or in the book case are still often referred to as shelf items. In the decor of a modern bedroom there should be very few "knick-knacks" but a ratio of 1 shelf item per 2 pieces of furniture is generally acceptable.

Modern bedroom furniture should be chose based on the principles of S.S.F.C.
S-Sleek: The less ornamented and detailed the better; think Shakers
S-Stylish: This is found in the hardware such as drawer pulls and knobs
F-Functional: If it doesn't have a purpose other than sitting there it is unnecessary
C-Color: The color of the wood or paint should fit the color schemes of the room

Carpet in the bedroom has given away to wood flooring. Rugs are simpler as they can be rolled up and taken to be cleaned or washed without having to pay a carpet cleaner to come to your house. Geometric patterns or tonal solid rugs are the most common choices in modern bedroom decor.

Once you have your theme and color palate , the rest of the piece tend to fall into place. Take your time and do it right because who wants to go to bed every night underneath a stuffed moose head? Good luck on your search!


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