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How to choose the best modern bedroom furniture sets

Posted on | February 16, 2011 | Comments Off

Modern bedroom furniture sets is typically one of the key pieces to redesigning your room. While it is very possible to work around existing furniture, it makes it difficult to give your room and updated feel with outdated furniture styles. There are several keys to picking out the right modern bedroom furniture sets and while they sound simple are sometimes difficult to achieve.

1. The Hardware
When talking about bedroom furniture, the hardware refers to handles, knobs, and any extra pieces used on the furniture. In modern bedroom furniture, it is most common to see hardware that is some kind or metal or made to appear to be metal. The typical metals are sterling silver, brushed nickel, wrought iron, or pewter. It is also becoming trendy to have glass drawer pulls but you almost never see wooden or gold knobs in modern bedroom furniture sets.

If you are trying to reuse pieces you already have, a new coat of paint helps but the best investment is in new hardware. However, before you go shopping, remove an existing piece and measure the hole or holes that already exist. There are many different styles of hardware and they are all attached in a different way. The number of holes varies as does the distance between holes. Don't fall in love with a specific set of hardware then find out that it won't fit the furniture. Measure the depth of the wood, the width between screws and take all of one piece of the original hardware with you for hole size and screw length comparisons.

2. Color
Depending on your bedroom, the color choice of your furniture is a big issue. You can buy furniture in just about every color in the rainbow but you have to be careful. If you have wooden floors, do not purchase furniture that is blond oak if your floors are white pine. Try to at least stay in the same tree family so the grains will look cohesive. You can also buy furniture in your accent color, say you want furniture that has been painted red. If you buy red furniture, you should buy neutral colored curtains and bedding. Too much of a good thing is a very bad thing in interior design.

3. Size
Measure your room and know how much floor space you have before you buy. If you're buying several pieces then take a pad of graph paper and see how the pieces will fit in a scale model of your room. Make sure you have at least 2, but preferably 3, feet of space to walk around the sides of the bed not touching a wall.

Take your time, buying new bedroom furniture is a huge task. Make sure you are truly prepared, do some window shopping, go in armed with measurements, and check out discount websites for equivalent pieces. There is a perfect modern bedroom furniture set out there for every bedroom design. Happy shopping!


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