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The Top Five Modern Bedroom Paint Ideas to Freshen Up Your Space

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Your bedroom is one of the most personal rooms in your home and it should be a place where you feel comfortable. Modern design is a wonderful way to give the room a fresh and appealing look that can cause feelings of inspiration. When you want to update your bedroom, the following five modern bedroom paint ideas can create a dramatic change in style.

1. Paint a Bold Accent Wall for a Statement
One of the best modern bedroom paint ideas is to paint a single wall in the room a bright, bold color. This accent wall can add extraordinary color to the space. It can also create the illusion of a larger room.

2. Use Unusual Colors to Draw Attention
Though traditional bedroom paint colors fall in the neutral shades, modern colors can add more personality to a room. When you're looking for modern bedroom paint ideas, consider combining unusual colors such as the secondary or tertiary colors from the color wheel in order to create an updated style.

3. Playful Patterns Offer Spice to Simple Decor
Undoubtedly, one of the most fun modern bedroom paint ideas is to paint patterns on the wall. This often works well when used on an accent wall, as all four walls may be too much. Many people choose a popular design of bold circles in varying sizes on the wall. You can also create a striped pattern easily that truly adds character to the room. Patterns work best in rooms with simple furniture or minimalist decor.

4. Create a Canvas
For a truly creative idea that will also allow you to express your own personality, turn one of your walls into a canvas. You may choose to paint a mural, favorite poem, or other art on the wall during your initial painting session, or you could have the wall be an ongoing place of expression.

5. Highlight Paint Colors with Eclectic Decor
Another interesting way to modernize the look of your bedroom is to create a decorative scheme with unique pieces, centered around the colors of your newly painted walls. This is particularly effective if you used unusual colors or bright patterns on your walls already. By combining an eclectic mix of decorative items with the modern paint of fresh designs, you can create a truly individualized updated look.

The most important of all modern bedroom paint ideas is to incorporate your personality into the design of your room. Your bedroom walls and decor should reflect your individual style, with new paint being a fantastic opportunity to express yourself in a new way. Modern painting is just one way to give your room a fresh look and a new wave of inspiration.


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