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Interior Design Bedroom Ideas for Comfort and Style

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It is estimated that we spend 35% or more of our days in our bedrooms. With this amount of time in mind, you want your bedroom to be comfortable and visually appealing. There are so many interior design bedroom ideas floating about on the internet these days, but here are the top 5.

1. Modern Bedroom Furniture

Sadly, the modern bedroom design aesthetics has moved from beautifully carved and bulky wooden bedroom suits, to streamlined functional eco-friendly items. It is rare these days to see a modern bedroom with a four poster bed, dresser, chest of drawers, and a night stand cluttering up the perimeter of the room. With the explosion of stores like Ikea, it is much more common to see a bedroom with a storage bed (platform bed with drawers underneath) and a small dresser or night stand. These items are also typically made out of reclaimed, recycled/recyclable, or other eco-friendly materials.

2. Modern Style

Bedroom styles shift regularly as time passes, just like fashion, but rather than becoming more daring and ostentatious current interior design ideas for bedrooms are fairly understated. Picking a color scheme is the beginning (most often black and white or cream and brown) step and usually the hardest. Two neutral colors and sometimes an accent color thrown in to account for taste adorn a modern style bedroom. The color palate should be reflected in the bed linens, furniture, wall coverings, as well as the wall color itself. By tastefully and carefully placing your colors, the bedroom can be made to look pristine, interesting, and professionally designed.

3. Window treatments

When it comes to windows, the modern bedroom is known for it's less is more styling. Most often you will see windows covered with sheer panels or muted curtains on a wrought iron rod. Sometimes you will see a bolder curtain in place of wall art, but rarely do you see significant wall art in a room with a dark or well patterned curtain.

4. Cost

In the current economic recession, it seems nearly unbelievable that people are finding the money to redecorate their bedrooms. However, decorating doesn't have to break the bank. Bargain shopping is the key. Websites like Overstock are excellent for finding great deals on great items such as bedding and curtains for your swanky new sleeping quarters. If you like thrift shopping, it is often a very simple matter to find art pieces that were donated that would be easily reclaimed with a little old-fashioned elbow grease. Get creative! Buy a canvas and create some personal art in the style of Jackson Pollock to decorate your new walls.

5. Finishing Touches

Artificial flower arrangements: No
More than one picture frame on each piece of furniture: No
Several personal items out on the dresser: NO

Less is more! Keep it clean, simple and as crisp as possible with as few extra pieces as possible. Your design should be in the bed linens, wall art, curtains and furniture themselves as much as manageable.

These 5 interior design bedroom ideas are simple. Taking the time to walk through some interior goods stores before settling on a design idea is a great way to figure out not only what you like, but what is available locally. Happy Designing!


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