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Modern Bedroom Accessories Weave Together Flair and Subtly

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The leeway inherent to modern bedroom accessories gifts the user of the space license to incorporate a cornucopia of themes, colors, material and textures.


Few people automatically place floors on the list of modern bedroom accessories, but it well deserves to be. What flooring is used—and how it's used–has tremendous impact on how well the rest of the room comes together.

Following the open, airy feel of modern decorating themes, dark carpet or dark flooring is counterproductive. Bright and bold are the by-words of modern decorating accessories, so instead of replacing dark or worn carpet, consider a bare floor.

If hardwood flooring is cost-prohibitive, consider laminate or rubber flooring. Both are economical and come in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs—many of which tie beautifully into modern accessories schemes. If replacing the flooring isn't within the budget, paint it or buff and wax it to a high shine instead.

Accent or area rugs lend warm and sound buffering to bare floors, and using them as modern bedroom accessories gives double-duty to a decorating dollar. Geometric designs, primary earth tones, or fully contrasting black and white rugs and runners give depth and dimension on each axis.


Light colored walls and ceilings expand a room's dimensions outward. Further that idea with light colored curtains or drapes; blinds can be either horizontal or vertical, depending on the window's placement and the room's dimensions.

Artwork as modern bedroom accessories is a grand idea. Pastel colors, however, should be reserved for another decorating theme. Black and white photographs, whether of landscapes, still life, animals or people fits modern decorating to a T.

If one large piece is beyond the budget, try grouping several smaller ones together, so long as they are joined in one way or another—all black and white or landscapes or people, etc. Mixing small oil paintings with a dramatic photograph won't work well.


Include in your list of modern bedroom accessories sufficient items to adorn most surfaces—night stands, dressers, recessed headboards, but don't crowd them at all. Space is key, and a spacious surface is complement by a lamp or a vase or a memento—not overpowered by it.

Chrome or metal—so long as it's not antique—and clear or boldly tinted opaque accents work well, too.

Avoid intensive scroll work whether in metals or woods. Simple lines dominate this decorating them, and the accessories should follow that rule.


Use splashes of color in pillows, flowers, or even clocks to draw the eye and highlight the coordination between main furniture, walls and accessories. Subtle in line, but bold in approach defines the modern look and modern bedroom accessories.


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