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Bedroom Design Ideas for a Modern Motif for Any Age

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Interior design and decorating aren't everyone's cup of tea, but almost everyone at one point or another has had to decorate new living spaces. Making the most of the space, light, and lay-out available can be relatively simple with some easily followed modern bedroom design ideas.

Evaluate Space and Light

Interior decorating trends for 2011 encompass natural light and open spaces. If a bedroom is small and dark, consider light paint for the walls with a contrasting and complimenting trim color.

Blinds or light curtains help open a space quite a bit, as does non-carpeted floors. Hardwood is enjoying a continued popularity, but laminate flooring, rubber flooring and tile are catching up quickly. Using any of these options can definitely modernize the look when considering bedroom design ideas.

Find the spots in the room that are naturally dark. Brighten those areas with chrome table lamps or standing halogen lamps with adjustable brightness levels.

Modern bedroom design ideas often incorporate accents in primary colors to break up lines and patterns that might seem monotonous. Glass figurines, bookends and knickknacks lend a modern air in decorating a bedroom.

Children's Rooms

When tossing bedroom design ideas hither and yon for the children's spaces, tailor the approach toward the current age of the child. Modern motifs are easily adapted as children age, so future adaptations aren't of primary concern.

Rubber flooring and area rugs bring play comfort and durability and still allow a modern look to a bedroom.

Bed frames that are brightly colored metal and matched with bold lamps and toy chests work very well in modern bedroom design ideas for kids' rooms. Even wood bed frames and furniture work well if desired over metal for safety reasons. Red bunk beds using a bright, yellow ladder, for example, give a cheerful look as well as good visibility in the dark.

Substituting glass figurines for opaque ones of a colored plastic can grant durability, safety, and eye-catching contrast. Silver light switch plates and outlet colors can borrow a modernistic feel if desired.


With adaptation, any set of decorating ideas can incorporate modernistic approaches to décor, whether the bedroom is for adults, children or guests. Keeping or making an area light and area is step one. Step two is bright and bold. Step three is to simply enjoy remarkable fruition of modern bedroom design ideas into terrific bedrooms for any age.


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