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Contemporary Bedroom Designs Hold Distinctive Traits

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One's bedroom is by far the most personal and personality-oriented room in a home. Deciding what décor suits best can be a tough process, but for those choosing contemporary bedroom designs, a plethora of motifs await.

What is Contemporary Interior Design?

Also called modern or modernistic, contemporary interior design takes advantage of high ceilings, large windows, and airy spaces. Usually, the space is adorned with glass, chrome, and metallic accents, and mirrors can open a space that seems small or tight. Contemporary bedroom designs follow the same concepts.

Furniture with wool, linen, or jute give textured appeal that can lend warmth to what otherwise might appear cold and unbending, if dark leather is beyond the budget. Black, white, or bold primary colors adorn beds and pillows.

Floors are generally hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl, although rubber flooring can help dampen echos. Area rugs coordinated in color, shape, and size can both lessen the starkness of some rooms and reduce sound, as well.

Artwork often used in contemporary bedroom designs depends solely on personal tastes, but steer away from contradictory themes and color schemes if possible. If one larger work doesn't suit, try several smaller ones grouped together instead. Try glass vases and bookends. Use chrome lamps and fixtures.

Contemporary Bedroom Designs

Remember that one of the ruling precepts of contemporary designs is that less is more. Frilly ruffles, floral prints, and scrolled woodwork are counterproductive to this interior design. Bedrooms in a contemporary style strive for function first, then remember style and flair.

Blacks, whites, and metals are common color schemes in contemporary bedrooms. Use fans, bed linen, accents, and artwork to break up the polar appearance. Common contemporary schemes often use bold colors to create splashes of daring to both enhance and soften contemporary décor.

Always keep in mind that contemporary means modern. Never borrow from country or traditional furniture or art in any mode in contemporary interior designs. Carefully pack away those quilts your grandmother made; respect them, but don't use them.


Elegance, old world charm or traditional looks are great. However, to set yourself truly apart from the herd, contemporary interior designs may fit your desired look, your personality and your outlook. If it's the look you want, remember that contemporary bedroom designs are not for the pastel-hearted. Be brash. Be bold. Be yourself.


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